Choopie City Grips Double Bar – Black Towel

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Typ Griffpolster für Kinderwagen
Marke CityGrips


Have you ever said to yourself: ?These handle bar grips are so dirty. They?re falling apart. They?re so sticky. OMG what is growing on these? Which of those 10 identical strollers is mine?? Then CityGrips is for you! CityGrips fixes all those problems. Slip CityGrips on your handlebars and when you feel they are getting dirty, throw them in the washing machine & dryer and repeat. CityGrips also protects your grips from wear and tear making it easier to sell or give away. Once you use CityGrips you?ll never want to stroll without them, promise! Worldwide patent. Award winning design. Protect your hands, keeping them soft & comfy. Safeguard your stroller's handlebars from dirt buildup and wear & tear. Prevent passing germs to your child. Choose from many stylish, easy-to-attach and machine-washable patterns and stroll with the trendiest new accessory. Personalize your stroller, making it easy to spot.The CityGrips stroller handlebar grip covers are soft, stylish and comfortable covers that slip onto any handlebars in seconds, preventing and protecting them from everyday wear and tear. CityGrips helps you avoid grimy, sweaty hands with durable, easy-to-wash covers.

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