Foam Roller, Covacure Faszienrolle Fitness Schaumstoffrolle zur Triggerpunkt-Selbstmassage, 2 in 1 Sport Massagerolle für Faszientraining, Verspannungen oder Yoga

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Typ Faszienrollen


Best Gift Choice The high-end gift box package makes it a preferable to your family and friends who want to release the muscle tension after workouts. Massage Foam Roller Rolling out sore areas helps break up fascia, the network of tissue that connects muscles, allowing you to be more flexible, increase range of motion and help your tight muscles recover from strenuous workouts. This process of myofascial release also speeds up muscle recovery so you can be fully ready for your next workout or competition in less time. Exercise Foam Roller This sponge rollers can also be used in a variety of exercise programs. Some of the most common uses involve Pilates and yoga routines. In these programs, the roller can be used to create an instability that challenges the core, promoting strength and balance. Other movements use the roller in ways that increase flexibility and range of motion, such as stretching and bending exercises. Tips Work slowly into using a stretching foam roller. Start by using it on muscles for 30 seconds and slowly increase time to 3 minutes or more. If a muscle is very painful when it is pressed with a foam roller exercises, it indicates a high amount of muscle tension. You should aim to use the stretch roller more often to release the tension and reduce pain. If you're tired of slow post-workout recoveries and lingering aches and pains, it may be time to invest in a foam roller stretches. Stretching roller are designed to massage and soothe tight, sore muscles. Some have hard, dense cores for fast relief, while others promote a gentler massage with more forgiving material.