Pull up Band – #5 – 50 – 120 lbs. (23 – 54 kg) Resistance – (8 sizes, available in 15, 35, 50, 80, 120, 150, 170, and 200 pound options, 6-Month Warranty) assisted pull-ups, chin-ups, powerlifting, rehab, physical therapy, muscle-Ups, ring dips, gymnastics, home gyms. These super bands have become popular with CrossFit athletes around the world. Get stronger, faster and support a company with a strong social impact goal.

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Typ Pullup & Dip
Marke Functional Fitness


Why pull ups?Pull ups are a great way to strengthen your entire upper body. This multi-purpose exercise is composed of complex movements that allow you to engage multiple muscle groups. This offers a few distinct advantages such as a more efficient workout and decreased risk of injury.Want to add pull ups into your workout routine but haven't yet gained the muscles to do more than two or three pull ups on your own?Our bands will allow you to maximize your time at the pull up bar and capitalize on all the great benefits pull ups have to offer. Why Bands? Our resistance bands offer pull up assistance, but unlike machines the bands allow you a full range of motion. You can also easily adjust the resistance. If you want to increase the resistance from medium to maximum, simply stretch the circular band up to 2.5 times its original length or combine with lighter bands for extra tension. Which band is right for me? We get asked this all the time. We typically suggest that a person start out lifting about half of their body weight over the bar. For some people we might suggest a single band, but since the bands are all the same length, you can combine some bands to equal the same assistance as others. Why would you do this? Well, as you get stronger you can lower the assistance to account for your new strength by using different bands. For example, a 200 lb person might typically need a green band, but a purple combined with a black band offers roughly the same amount of resistance while giving you three different levels of assistance (one with the heavy band, one with robust, and one with both bands). Check out the list below to figure out your correct combination: * 1/2″ Red #2 – 20-35 lbs* 3/4″ Black #3 – 30-50 lbs* 1 1/8″ Purple #4 – 40-80 lbs* 1 3/4″ Green #5 – 50-120 lbs* 2 1/2″ Blue #6 – 60-150 lbs* 3 1/4″ Orange #7 – 70-170 lbs* 4″ Gray #8 – 80-200 lbs

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